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Why install Solar Panels?

It is no surprise that there have been over 10 million solar panels installed Australia wide, making solar the largest source of renewable energy in Australia. In 2019, one in four Australian homes had solar installed.

Aside from reducing carbon emissions, solar panels will save you money on your electricity bill. The Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme (DEBS) also allows eligible customers the opportunity to get paid for electricity you export to the grid.

The installation of solar panels on your home has the ability to increase overall property value and require little maintenance.

Geraldton Solar Force is 100% WA owned and operated and is proudly one of WA’s leading residential solar installers.

What will my savings be?

Most residential systems range from 1.5KW systems with 6 panels up to 5kW systems with 18-22 panels. The potential savings for a 5kW inverter with 6kW of panels is often over $2,000 a year combined with altering your power usage.

With the solar incentives still reducing the upfront costs of solar systems by up to $4,500 and the fact you’re paid for the excess power they pump back into the grid, all combined with the possible $2,000 a year savings, that’s the reason why over 25% of Western Australian homes have solar.

At Geraldton Solar Force, we guarantee that your solar system will produce enough energy for the first 5 years to save you over $1,000 off your electricity bill. *T&C APPLY.

Our Solar Panel Brands

Our Solar Panels Geraldton team stock a great range of quality solar panels brands.

    • Suntech Panels
    • Jinko Solar Panels
    • Canadian Solar Panels
    • Risen Panels
    • JA Solar Panels
    • Seraphim Panels
    • REC Panels
    • Q Cells Panels
    • LG Panels
    • Sunpower Panels