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Solar Batteries Geraldton

Tesla Powerwall Solar Battery

Solar batteries store energy from your solar PV system. The solar battery is an additional component of your solar system that stores energy produced by your solar panels and allows you to use the energy later. Geraldton Solar Force are highly experienced in solar storage solutions and can recommend the best product for your situation.

Benefits of a Solar Battery in Geraldton & the Mid-West

The addition of a battery to your solar panel system allows you to become more energy independent, as they reduce the amount of electricity you need to purchase from the grid. This means that you are further reducing carbon emissions. As well as storing electricity, solar batteries can be used in the evening when your solar panels are no longer generating power.

Reducing the amount of electricity you purchase from the grid means that your electricity bill will be further reduced. Though, it is important to ensure your system is producing enough excess energy to charge the battery.

What to consider before installing a Solar Battery

In order to add a battery to your solar panel system, you will need to have a fully functioning solar system. Your solar panels will need to be connected to an inverter.

If you do not yet have a solar panel system installed, there are steps you can take to add a battery straight away, or to add one on at a later date.

The solar battery and connection options that we recommend will be based on your individual circumstances. Contact us to find out which solar battery is best for you.