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A solar inverter is a critical piece of equipment in a solar energy system. It is a device that converts direct current (DC) electricity from your solar panels to alternating current (AC) electricity, which is what is required for electrical grids.

String and micro inverters are two common types of solar inverters used in Australia. String inverters connect a set of solar panels – called a string – to a single solar inverter located at ground level. That inverter converts the power generated by the entire string to AC. As string inverters are located at ground level, they are typically quicker and easier to maintain than other types of inverters.

Micro inverters are solar inverters that are much smaller in size and are placed on each individual solar panel. One advantage of micro inverters is that intermittent shading from nearby trees/buildings or damage to a single solar panel will not impact the power that is drawn from the other solar panels.

All homes and businesses connected to the electrical grid in Australia will use either single or three phase solar inverter. Single phase solar inverters are suitable for homes and small businesses, whereas three phase inverters are more suitable for commercial solar panel systems.

At Geraldton Solar Force, we stock a wide range of high-quality solar inverters. This includes:

  • ABB inverters
  • Delta inverters
  • Enphase inverters
  • Fronius inverters
  • GoodWe inverters
  • Huawei inverters
  • SMA inverters
  • Sofar Solar inverters
  • SolarEdge inverters

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