Is The Tesla Powerwall Worth It?

Tesla’s Powerwall is one of the strongest and most advanced solar battery storage units available on the market. The Powerwall is an additional component that can be added to your solar panel system that stores the energy generated by your solar panels for later use. This can be a useful element to add to your household’s solar energy setup depending on your environment but is it worth purchasing a tesla home battery for a Geraldton home?


How the Tesla Powerwall Works

A Tesla Powerwall stores the solar energy your solar panels have generated during the day to be used later. Normally when solar panels aren’t able to harness any solar energy, your energy system will switch back to using energy from the grid. The Tesla home battery is charged during the day and your home uses electricity from the solar battery at night instead of grid energy. This provides your household with the capability of running on clean and sustainable solar energy 24/7. Allowing your solar panel system to save you even more money and further reduce your carbon footprint.

Tesla’s Powerwall has a capacity of 13.5kWh per day. A powerwall system can have up to 9 Powerwalls, but one Powerwall is more than capable of supplying enough energy for a family of four. 


Additional Benefits of Powerwall

Tesla Powerwalls are also available with an additional backup component that detects blackouts and power outages and automatically becomes your home’s energy source. This allows your home to keep the lights on without the need for a generator or maintenance. This backup energy can last several days depending on how many solar panels you have installed. 

The Tesla Powerwall includes a home energy monitoring system that can be accessed from your phone. This allows you to monitor your household’s energy use in real time instead of waiting until you receive your electricity bill and see Powerwall’s performance history.


Is it Worth Installing a Tesla Powerwall for Your Solar Panel System?

The Tesla solar battery is capable of providing your solar panel system and household with many benefits, but it of course comes at a cost. The Tesla Powerwall solar battery is one of the most advanced solar batteries, but it’s also one of the most expensive. There’s also the possibility of there being a waiting period to have the Powerwall shipped and installed because of their limited supply. We understand home solar batteries aren’t suitable for every solar energy setup, but Powerwall’s quality build and numerous advanced features make it ideal and well worth it for many Australian households.

Here at Geraldton Solar Force, we provide the supply and installation of the Tesla Powerwall to the Geraldton area. If you’re interested in the Tesla Powerwall battery or need further guidance as to whether solar batteries are suitable for your home, contact our team today.

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